Back-to-School Health Basics for Parents

Parents of all ages need to stay alert, aware, consciousness of back-to-school health updates their child will require before the school year. Whether your child is just starting school or is going into high school it always helps to ensure they are ready for a safe school year.

To prepare for the school year, parents will want to take their child to a nearby urgent care center or walk-in clinic to get children’s urgent care services. An urgent care center is able to provide both acute and preventive care medical procedures so that you are always ready to get the care you need.

But what are some specific healthcare appointments and needs that your child should receive before the school year? How can urgent care help get your child care in an efficient and affordable manner?

Make sure your child gets an updated back-to-school physical

Back-to-school physicals are required to not only required to enroll your child in school, but it also is helpful to stay on top of any health updates your child has.

For example, a back-to-school physical allows your doctor or care provider to identify developmental issues, chronic disease risks, and overall health status. A physical measures your child height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, and other critical health information to provide an overview of their health.

Additionally, the physical helps providers record medication use, previous treatments, immunizations, and other medical info to ensure that your child has the safest possible school year. Teachers, nurses, and administration staff at your child’s school rely on the information in a physical to protect your child.

Ideally, you’ll want to take your child to urgent care for their back-to-school physical to get their exam completed ASAP. Urgent care centers are also equipped with walk-in clinics that allow patients to get care without the need for an appointment!

Schedule lab tests, vaccinations, and other treatments at urgent care

If your child needs other treatments after your physical, then you may want to use urgent care to get other preventive care services like updated vaccines and lab testing.

Urgent care centers also provide these services so you can coordinate any immediate treatments your child is required to have before school begins. That way, you’ll save time and money by staying at urgent care instead of relying on the ER.

So when the school year begins to roll around, don’t count urgent care out and instead opt for high-quality, convenient, and accessible physicals for your child.