Back to School Physicals at Urgent Care!

The summer is winding down which means it may be a good time to get your child’s back-to-school physical taken care of right away. If you’re looking for a medical provider that can complete physicals in a timely manner, and at an affordable rate, then urgent care may be for you!

Unlike most traditional medical facilities an urgent care center can provide physicals for your child without much of a wait and at an affordable cost. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the convenience, cost, and quality benefits of getting your child’s updated physical for the school year!

Why do I need to get my child a back-to-school physical? Why urgent care?

Before you can enroll your child into their next year of school, you’ll be required to perform a back-to-school physical with updated medical information. Without it, you may potentially delay your child’s education and enrollment.

The good thing about urgent care is that you can take your child into a walk-in clinic or urgent care center without the need for an appointment. This allows parents that are short on time to take their child in for physicals before the school year begins.

Additionally, parents that have a preferred time to get care are able to schedule an appointment in advance at most urgent care centers. Urgent care centers and their respective walk-in clinics also allow patients to get the care they need in just a few minutes: 15 on average to be precise.

Back-to-School Physicals at urgent care are cheaper than other facilities

Did you know that urgent care centers provide the same medical services for a fraction of the cost as an emergency room? In fact, the average urgent care center also offers physicals and preventive exams for less cost than primary care offices.

This is because urgent care centers allow patients, with or without insurance, to get care as soon as they need. Most walk-in clinics affiliated with urgent care offer low self-pay rats and accept most major insurance carriers.

Urgent care centers provide high-quality medical exams for patients of all ages

Your child’s school physical is important to ensure that they are developing at a healthy rate, aren’t at risk for chronic diseases, and that they are able to sustain positive health.

As a parent, don’t you want to ensure that your child gets the best possible care, even for preventive school physicals?

Urgent care centers staff a variety of medical professionals to ensure that your child is getting an accurate and comprehensive medical exam. Doctors, urgent care providers, and nurses all work to make sure your child gets any recommended treatments, referrals, and medications if they find a potential health concern.

Don’t hesitate to get your child a high-quality, fast, and affordable school physical. Schedule an appointment at urgent care today!