Back-to-School Physicals

Get your child's back-to-school physical at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock

Back-to-school physicals are required in order to enroll your child into the new school year. Without an updated back-to-school physical, you may delay your child’s education as well as other academic opportunities. 

At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, we can ensure that your child gets the care they need with comprehensive back-to-school physicals so they are ready to begin the school year! If you have more questions about our services please contact us immediately at 303-747-4223

How does a school physical help my child? Why do they need one?

A back-to-school physical allows your child to re-enroll in the current school or a new school if they are going into secondary education or transferring schools. Without a physical, your school will not allow your child to continue the school semester. This is because school physicals help educational staff to keep students healthy and safe throughout the year. 

The school physical is a measure of your child’s overall picture of health to determine if they are at risk for certain medical risks or ailments. Medical practitioners record your child’s height, weight, current medical status, disease vaccinations, and other information to determine if they are healthy to return for the school year. 

School administrators use the information to keep your child safe and protected throughout the school year, while also ensuring that other children don’t impact the health and safety of others.

Let AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock provide immediate, same-day school physicals for your child

At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, our urgent care staff specializes in pediatric care and children’s urgent care, so we are always ready to provide convenient and accessible school physicals for your child. 

Our walk-in clinic allows patients to get their child a physical on the same day as their visit. If you are interested in any of our urgent care services or school physicals, please use the map and buttons below to find us!