Can I Still Get My Flu Shot?

Experts begin telling people to get their flu shot as early as August, with the biggest push being in October. You’ve likely seen the signs and commercials for months encouraging you to get your flu shot, but what if you just haven’t gotten around to it yet? It’s okay, you can still get one! It’s ideal to receive the flu shot earlier for better protection, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it now. 

Who Can Still Get the Flu Shot? 

The flu shot is safe for all patients over 6 months of age, including pregnant women and elderly patients. The flu shot is better late than never for anyone who’s able to get it, which includes the vast majority of people. 

Why is the Flu Shot Important? 

The flu shot is important because it does so much more than just protecting you from the flu. In fact, you getting the flu shot helps protect everybody around you! Getting vaccinated lowers your risk of contracting the flu by over 80%.

If you can’t contract the flu, you can’t pass it on to other people. The select few number of people and infants that are unable to get vaccinated depend on those who can to help reduce the spread. Getting your flu shot reduces your chance of having to miss work or school, being hospitalized, and even causing those around you to get sick. There are little to no symptoms associated with the flu shot so there’s no reason not to get it! 

Where Can You Get the Flu Shot? 

You can still get your flu shot at any walk-in clinic or urgent care. Not only will you be able to get your flu shot quickly and on a flexible schedule, but you can do so at little to no cost to you with most major insurance companies.

Even if you don’t have any insurance, urgent care centers offer the flu shot at a low cost to make it accessible to everyone who needs it. You may also be able to get your flu shot through a local pharmacy or doctor’s office, but their hours of availability will be more limited than an urgent care or walk-in clinic.

Since it is later in the season, we recommend calling the urgent care or other medical facility of your choice to make sure they have the flu shot in stock before you go in person.