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Flu Season 2020 FAQs for Patients

As we discussed in a previous blog, this flu season is full of complex factors that can potentially cause severe healthcare outcomes. This is especially true for patients that aren’t able to discern COVID-19 symptoms with flu illnesses. Complications that may also rise from this flu season may be a sudden influx of patients that …

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How Can I Treat Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis (pronounced lair-in-gitis), is a common condition that affects people of all ages. Many people who are suffering from pharyngitis may not even realize that’s what they’re suffering from. Luckily, the condition is very easily treatable once a provider diagnoses sore throat.  What is Pharyngitis?  Pharyngitis is the medical term for a sore throat. A …

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Common Cold Symptom Treatment

Winter means extra family time, holidays, and beautiful snow falling, but it also means an increased chance of illness. The common cold affects people roughly 2-3 times each year, so it’s important to be prepared. Rather you’re taking care of yourself or a loved one, utilize these tips to treat the common cold the best …

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