Cell-Based Flu Shots

Get hypoallergenic cell-based flu shots in Castle Rock, CO!

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At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, we are proud to offer hypoallergenic cell-based flu shots for patients in our community! With the help of our urgent care staff we can administer flu shots for patients with significant egg allergies, or that need a more effective flu vaccination! 

If you’re interested in getting an updated flu vaccine please contact our urgent care center immediately. Or you can simply visit our walk-in clinic for more information! 

Everyone deserves an effective flu shot regardless of their allergies. At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, we ensure that all patients are properly vaccinated for the upcoming flu season! 

Why do patients need cell-based flu shots? 

Patients will likely need a cell-based flu shot because they either need a hypoallergenic vaccine or they need a more effective shot. 

According to the CDC, cell-based flu shots are highly effective in preventing the flu because the current influenza strain can adapt to egg-based vaccines. Usually, eggs are a main ingredient in the flu vaccine to help manufacture a greater batch. 

However, some patients may need a stronger vaccine, or one that doesn’t have egg-based ingredients, due to autoimmune deficiencies. Egg allergies and other conditions may require a patient to find a vaccine option that doesn’t cause an adverse reaction. 

If you have more questions for our team about cell-based flu vaccines, please call us directly at 303-660-9700