Cold and Flu Symptoms to Watch for the 2019-2020 season!

Each year, patients will need to ensure that they get cold and flu symptoms treated in order to remain healthy during the fall season!

Cold and flu symptoms can suddenly creep up on families with small children, as well as individuals this fall season. So it helps to understand what are some of the key cold and flu symptoms, as well as the appropriate treatment options!

Patients that are interested in cold and flu treatment can get their symptoms treated at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock! Our urgent care staff can provide immediate symptom relief and urgent care for patients located in and around Castle Rock, CO!

If you are interested in our urgent care services, make sure to contact our nearby urgent care center immediately to help stave off the most common cold and flu symptoms this year!

Fever is the most common cold and flu symptom this year

Fever is the most common cold and flu symptom on any given year, since it is the initial sign that your body is experiencing a viral infection.

Fever can cause headaches and fatigue early one, since it is the result of your body’s immune system working extra hard to fight of a new virus. Even though colds and flus are different viruses, a fever is the first sign of either disease.

Sneezing, congestion, and sore throat are also abundant this flu season

Following a fever, other cold and flu symptoms are likely to follow shortly. These include sneezing, congestion, sore throat, and other respiratory infections.

Your body’s sinuses are prone to infection from colds and flu viruses alike, which means that you can have these types of symptoms with either condition. However, the flu usually has symptoms that last significantly longer than the flu!

On top of sneezing and coughing, cold and flu symptoms can also include nausea, fatigue, and even significant dehydration. When this happens make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Symptoms can worse when your body doesn’t have enough fluids

Get a flu shot to protect against most flu symptoms!

Patients of all ages should get a flu shot ASAP at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock whenever they may need an updated vaccination this season. The flu shot is by far the best way to prevent cold and flu symptoms this season.

A new vaccine is required each year in order to help prevent the spread of the flu and other infections. This is because the flu virus changes and adapts to infect a greater number of hosts.

Don’t delay in your flu shot! Please contact our team ASAP for more information and get vaccinated today!