COVID-19 Testing Importance and Priority for Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 season is already impactful on patient health but the COVID-19 pandemic adds a new layer of health risk this year. Seasonal illnesses symptoms, common colds, and the flu combined with COVID-19 risks make this one of the highest risk years for seasonal infectious disease.

Businesses, schools, public organizations, and other services are reopening even though cases of coronavirus are starting to spike. The influx of flu and COVID patients, as well as patients trying to figure out their seasonal illnesses, could create a large demand for healthcare that causes significant delays in healthcare access.

Patients that are relatively healthy or high-risk for COVID-19 and infectious diseases can thankfully prioritize their healthcare visits to ensure they are staying safe while getting critical health services. The team at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock organized a few services, treatments, and potential conditions to self-assess to see if you need certain types of urgent care:

When should I get COVID-19 Testing?

COVID-19 testing is important for patients that have the following symptoms or risk factors:

  • If a patient has direct exposure to COVID-19 and has met COVID-19 exposure criteria, then they should be tested by the state department. 
  • The testing criteria for COVID-19 includes the following:  
  1. Travel to another country in the last 30 days 
  2. If you had direct contact with another patient with a confirmed case of COVID-19  
  3. If a patient has been exposed to COVID-19 and is shown to be symptomatic 

Additionally, older patients and patients with chronic conditions are more likely to need COVID-19 testing more frequently. At AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock we encourage all patients to schedule standard COVID-19 testing in advance before travel, work, school, or another return to normal activities.

Are flu shots effective in prevention the flu this year?

A flu shot is the best way to protect against the flu virus this year, and an earlier flu helps to get vaccinated before demand continues to increase.

Flu shots are available at AFC Urgent Care so that patients can get a quick vaccination for the upcoming flu season. We provide both traditional flu vaccines and cell-based flu shots for patients that have allergy triggers and other seasonal illness triggers.

Should I come in for sore throat, seasonal illness care?

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock encourages patients to get sore throat treatment and seasonal illness care whenever possible! Even though we offer COVID-19 testing, our team is still equipped to provide routine urgent care services like diagnosing illnesses and treating mild to moderate symptoms.

Do not delay your urgent care needs, or COVID care needs, during this fall 2020 season. Instead, make sure that you effectively prepare your visit and evaluate your most pressing healthcare needs.