Family Flu Shot Facts and Flu Prevention for 2019-2020

Flu season is underway which means that parents and children alike should make sure they are ready for the upcoming challenges of preventing the flu. The 2019-2020 flu season could be potentially virulent as more and more flu seasons are starting to last longer than expected. 

The good news for parents with younger children is that the flu is one of the most preventable diseases, even during its peak. By following the usual evidence-based guidelines for flu shots, parents and children can ensure that they are protected from the latest flu virus. 

Flu symptoms are treatable and most patients can rest them off for a few weeks. But why should you feel nauseous, dizzy, and feverish when the flu is highly preventable? Plus, you’ll want to make sure you are as healthy as possible so you don’t miss important priorities and activities in your daily life.

So what should patients do in order to prevent the flu this season?

Practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of the flu virus

Good hygiene including hand washing, maintaining clean personal space, and avoiding contact with germy surfaces are effective measures to prevent the flu.

The influenza virus travels from patient-to-patient mostly through peer contact, such as hand shaking and sharing public spaces. Proactive measures like hand washing or hand sanitizer use can help to reduce the types of germs that could carry the flu virus.

Avoid exposure to infected patients and cover your mouth & nose

The flu virus can travel via airborne transmission from sneezing or coughing patients to new hosts. To reduce the risk of catching or passing the flu virus, patients should always cover their mouth and nose when possible.

Coughing into your elbow instead of your hand, known as a “vampire cough,” is a simple technique to teach your children. That way, they aren’t spreading anymore germs onto their hands, which touch doorknobs, desks, and railings.

Covering your mouth and nose also help to reduce the chance that the flu could infects you as well.

Get your flu shot ASAP!

Children and parents alike must understand that the flu shot is by far the best way to protect against the flu virus! If you need a flu shot ASAP, then make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock!

Flu shots at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock are safe for all patients, as we even offer the cell-based flu shot for patients! We provide same day flu-vaccines and flu shots for patients of all ages. Please contact us directly for more information!