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Flu Season 2020 FAQs for Patients

As we discussed in a previous blog, this flu season is full of complex factors that can potentially cause severe healthcare outcomes. This is especially true for patients that aren’t able to discern COVID-19 symptoms with flu illnesses.

Complications that may also rise from this flu season may be a sudden influx of patients that are waiting for flu shots and/or getting COVID-19 testing. The demand for healthcare services, COVID testing, and treatment can cause delays and disruption in urgent care access for patients. A major delay may lead to exacerbated flu infections or an unknown development of COVID symptoms.

Flu season usually is quite easy to navigate: get your flu shot, check your local provider for symptoms, and maintain clean household and workspaces to avoid germs. The development of the COVID-19 pandemic adds even more headaches to the process. However, AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is here to help guide patients through frequently asked questions about flu season safety and how to get a flu shot?

Is this flu season going to be contagious or more dangerous?

The Centers for Disease Control and local public health agencies find that this year’s influenza virus is going to be equally contagious in prior years and likely more dangerous because symptoms are similar to COVID-19. Patients that have symptoms may need to ensure that they consult a local urgent care provider before determining their next step for treatment.

Additionally, a flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu regardless of the year and other public health risks. But getting a flu shot may be equally complicated for patients that want an earlier vaccination.

Is a flu shot effective this year? Is it safe?

A flu shot for the 2020 season is not only effective but it is a safe way to get vaccinated and prevent flu-related illnesses. A flu shot can be upwards of 50% effective of completely immunizing a patient from the virus. A flu shot also helps patients build general immunity and can lower symptom intensity of a flu infection. Patients that are hypoallergenic or have other health complications can also use a cell-based flu shot to get the vaccine safely.

Urgent care centers provide a safe environment to get a flu shot that is less prone to infection. If you need a flu shot visit an urgent care center:

How are flu shots safely administered in an urgent care center?

Flu shots at an urgent care center are administered by a team that is able to safely maintain infection control guidelines, disinfect and sanitize exam rooms, and of course ensure patients are kept safe based on CDC guidelines for maintaining infection protocols.

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock has a dedicated team that can ensure that all patients are safely distanced from others and that they are able to get a flu shot without risk of another infection. If you have any additional questions please learn more on our website today!