Flu Shot Basics for Families: When Do I Need the Vaccine?

The flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent against influenza and other flu-related illnesses. Without a flu shot, your children may likely experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including sneezing, coughing, fever, nausea, and fatigue.

In some cases, the flu can lead to significant health problems for vulnerable patients including those over the age of 65, patients under two years old, and patients with asthma or similar respiratory issues.

But for most patients the flu can lead to a variety of other personal consequences including several missed days of school, work, vacation, and other types of commitments. So how do individuals know when to get the flu shot? It first helps to explain why patients may need a shot, when the best time to do so is, and where you can quickly find the vaccine:

Why do I need a flu shot each year? How does it help me?

Patients need an updated flu shot to protect against the latest influenza strain. The flu virus changes and adapts from the prior year in order to change with people’s immune systems. This means that patients need a newly manufactured vaccine each year.

Once patients receive an updated flu shot they are protected for the majority of the year from the influenza virus. Patients’ immune systems

Depending upon how early a patient gets the vaccine they may need another shot. Speak with a local urgent care provider to determine the best course of action.

When do I need a flu shot this season?

Most patients will want to get an updated flu shot as soon flu season begins to peak. In most communities, this can range from mid-September to early October.

Follow community updates, local news alerts, and public health announcements to see if you are in proximity of an influenza outbreak. If so, get your updated flu shot as soon as you can! If you’re not sure where to find an updated flu vaccine, try urgent care!

Your local urgent care provider can get your flu shot ready ASAP!

A local urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock can provide you and your family members updated flu shots as soon as you need them. Our urgent care center provides walk-in clinic access, accepts multiple insurance types, and has on-site amenities that allow patients to access care quickly.

If you need to get your flu shot today, please use the map below for fast directions right to our doorstep!