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How To Prepare Your Child For Back-To-School Post COVID

Following the ease of the lockdown in many states, most pre-pandemic activities have been restored to normalcy. One of these is the resumption of physical learning in schools and learning facilities. As a parent, you will have to prepare them mentally and physically to return from this long break. Back-to-school preparation is a crucial factor that might decide your child’s risk of contracting Coronavirus and overall health. 

Is In-person School Safe For Children?

Most parents are concerned about whether it’s safe to have kids mingle with other people. Or if it’s possible to prevent the transmission of the virus in schools. 

It is a very valid concern because many kids cannot receive vaccines due to their unavailability to kids under 12. However, studies have shown that physical attendance in school has a low risk of COVID-19 transmission. Similarly, kids are less likely to get infected with the disease than adults. 

So, in-person school is a safe choice for your children. 

Precautions For Children Returning To School

There are, of course, measures that will ensure this safety. Despite the low transmission risk, you should not overlook public health guidelines like face masks and physical distancing. In fact, these measures are required for schools by the CDC. 

While school authorities have a part to play in keeping students safe, you also have a role in preparing your children for school. Here are some aspects you will need to pay attention to;

  • Teach them how to keep Good Hygiene

Almost all kids are taught to wash their hands when they eat or touch unclean things. Still, you have to remind them and include the other public health safety practices such as wearing face masks, minimizing physical contact, and coughing or sneezing into their elbows. 

  • Emotional Support

However young they are, your children can be affected by the news and discomfort around them. They can also be anxious about returning back to school after all this time. You should reassure them that they are safe and won’t be infected if they keep good health habits. It will help them feel better and ready for school.

  • Proper Nutrition 

Good nutrition helps the body to fight off infections and diseases. So, you should ensure that your children have good meals and that they stay hydrated. This will also keep them in good spirits.

  • Close Monitoring of Their Health

It’s essential to keep tabs on your children’s health at this time. You can do this by monitoring their temperature and looking out for any symptoms of COVID-19. You should also ask them how they feel at different times.

This is especially important for high-risk children. High-risk children usually have an underlying illness that makes them susceptible to other infections. 

It’s generally a good thing that the world is moving on post-pandemic. In addition, most students are excited to go back to school. However, do not wait to get your child a school physical and COVID-19 testing! Get them to an urgent care center as soon as possible!