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How Urgent Care Centers Provide Convenient Seasonal Flu Shots!

Flu season is coming, which means it is time to get you and the kids vaccinated!

However, it may seem unnecessary to make a doctor’s appointment with your primary care physician for a simple shot. If you don’t have any other medical concerns to discuss, you do have other options for a quick, convenient, flu shot.

For example, AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock provides flu shots for the whole family that includes cell-based flu shots, standard vaccines, and multiple types of prevention services!

If you’re interested in learning more about unique benefits of urgent care, then make sure you keep reading below!

Urgent Care Centers have better access to flu shots than pharmacies

Most pharmacies offer vaccines, like the flu shot. Most of them can also bill your insurance. Check with your insurance to see if the pharmacies in your area are a covered location to receive vaccines.

However, at many pharmacies it can be a longer wait time or less accessible for flu shots tan an urgent care provider down the road. Urgent care centers provide flu clinics for patients with varying needs, including those with the busiest schedules!

Specialty flu shot clinics hosted by urgent care centers

Similar to blood drives, flu shot clinics are popping up in communities and at workplaces. Check with your workplace to see if they will offer a flu shot program, or search around in your community.

If you carry insurance through your employer, and they do offer a flu shot clinic, chances are it will be set up for you and require very minimal paperwork. Additionally, these flu clinics are hosted by a nearby urgent care provider to ensure that

Directly at an urgent care center’s walk-in clinic

Urgent care facilities are one of the best places to get vaccines outside of your primary care physician’s office. Urgent care centers move quickly. While patients who need a specific time can make an appointment for their vaccines, most urgent care centers also offer walk-ins which means you can squeeze it in whenever it is convenient.

Many urgent care centers also offer evening and weekend hours, which your primary care physician’s office may not do. The providers at the urgent care centers can complete your vaccine and have you on your way in just a few minutes. 

If you do not receive your flu shot from your primary care physician, you may want to call his or her office and leave a message, requesting that a note be added to your file regarding when you received the flu vaccine. If you receive the flu vaccine early, it can be tough to remember exactly when you were vaccinated, which can help your doctor determine whether or not you need an additional dose of the vaccine to be protected for the entire flu season. 

A walk-in clinic is an easily accessible resource where patients can get their flu shots for an affordable rate in an efficient medical setting!