Is COVID-19 Delaying Your Healthcare?

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most broadly discussed and debated healthcare concern in the country. Cases continue to rise as businesses decided to re-open on state guidelines and many may not take serious caution to the virus. However, in some cases patients may be on the opposite end of the spectrum: committing so much to self-quarantine that they forgo necessary healthcare.

Deferred care, or the behavior of forgoing necessary medical care, has sharply increased in recent months. A vast majority of patients are doing their part to stay safe at home while the virus continues to spread at an alarming pace. But patients still need to understand when they should go seek physical medical attention for their needs.

If COVID-19 is delaying your healthcare, then you should try getting a COVID-19 test before booking a medical visit with a doctor. Patients that want to limit their visit have a few speciality options from urgent care to help:

Reduce deferred care with telemedicine

Patients that may need to evaluate illness symptoms but don’t want to risk infection may also do so through AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock’s telemedicine platform.

Telemedicine allows a medical provider to diagnose and treat patients through a virtual visit on their smartphone or through their computer. A virtual visit can help providers determine if a patient has the means to be treated at home or if they need to come in for a visit.

Get tested for COVID-19 at a nearby urgent care center

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock also performs COVID-19 testing and antibody testing to help patients determine if they should stay at home for prolonged periods of time.

Simply walk-in to our clinic to get COVID-19 testing whenever you need it and our provider team can get you started. Our clinic maintains CDC-recommended standards for infection control, social distancing, and sanitation.

Test results will come back as soon as they can to help patients get the care they need right away.

Visit an urgent care center for safe, infection-free care

As we mentioned above, our urgent care center provides a controlled environment to avoid the risk of infection noticeable in large hospital settings. Patients worried about COVID-19 can get the care they need at AFC Castle Rock without needing to worry.

Injuries and physical urgent care needs are managed with CDC infection control protocols to ensure that you are seen in a clean and sanitary environment. X-rays, suturing, and injury triage are all accessible, affordable, and clean ways to get physical in-person care.

If you are deferring care due to COVID-19 and need urgent care right away, you can contact our urgent care center with more questions. *Important: Patients that need ER or emergency care (not urgent care) should visit a hospital or ER Department.*