Rapid COVID-19 Testing FAQs and Information

Recently, AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock stated that Rapid COVID-19 Testing will soon be available this fall 2020 season. Our website home page and social media channels will provide more comprehensive updates and information as soon as rapid tests are ready to provide.

Rapid tests can provide significant benefits to patients that need to travel, work, and stay safe this fall season. Below, we’ll dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 Rapid Tests that patients are likely to have:

What is the cost of Rapid Testing? How can I find out?

Rapid Testing is likely to be covered by private insurances and may require a limited out-of-pocket cost for patients. However, each patient’s situation varies based on insurance coverage and their current health plan.

We advise you to call our clinic in advance to determine if you need COVID-19 testing and determine what the average cost of a visit will be.

How fast is a “rapid” COVID-19 test?

Rapid COVID-19 tests allow medical providers to return lab results and show them to patients on the same day as their visit. Rapid tests from Abbott, which are the industry standard to be used a AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, allow our providers to get results back as fast as possible.

A patient is likely to spend a few minutes in total at an urgent care center or clinic to get a rapid test. While the demand and wait for a rapid test can be high, the usual visit itself doesn’t last more than 30 minutes.

How is rapid testing different from other COVID-19 tests?

Rapid COVID-19 tests are designed to detect an active COVID-19 infection within a patient’s immune system. Rapid tests are simply the faster version of standard COVID-19 testing for many patients. Urgent care clinics carry both types of testing in order to meet the rising demand for COVID testing.

Additionally, antibody testing is only designed to test a patient’s immunity to the virus due to a previous infection. An antibody test is self-explanatory: testing to determine if the body produces antibodies that fight off the novel coronavirus.

I’d like rapid testing: what do I do next?

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock does not require an appointment for testing, but we advise that you first call our center to learn more about your testing options. If you believe that your symptoms and previous risks are related to COVID-19, then a test may be useful to determine if you require extended quarantine.

Rapid testing is not quite available at AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock, but as soon as it is we can provide same-day testing and results for all patients!