What are the benefits of cell-based flu shots?

Patients this season will likely need to get a last-minute flu shot in order to stay healthy and flu-free during the next few months. Without a flu shot, patients can experience adverse effects and symptoms of the latest influenza virus.

If you need a seasonal flu shot make sure you swing by AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock ASAP! However, some patients may not be able to get the traditional egg-based flu vaccine. This is due to some allergies or other conditions that make a patient resistant to the vaccine. Even though a vast majority of patients can have a traditional vaccine, it helps to also consider vaccination options for other individuals.

This is where a cell-based flu shot comes handy for allergenic or vulnerable patients! A cell-based flu shot has a number of unique advantages for allergic patients and patients that may need a more effective flu shot.

Most individuals aren’t entirely sure about how cell-based vaccines can provide benefits to all types of patients. Below, we’ll dive into some of these benefits to help clarify why cell-based flu shots are more popular and necessary for today’s healthcare needs!

Cell-based flu shots help patients with egg allergies to get vaccinated!

One of the most important benefits of a cell-based flu shot is that patients with egg allergies can get a vaccine for the upcoming flu season!

Traditional flu vaccines are made with hen eggs and have been made with eggs for the last few decades. Traditional vaccines are designed to be manufactured effectively, efficiently, and at a broad scale for most patients. The main downside to egg-based vaccines is that many patients that are allergic to eggs cannot safely get vaccinated.

This is where a cell-based vaccine becomes crucial for patients with allergies. A cell-based vaccine uses a lab-grown cellular compound to create the delivery vehicle of the flu shot. This way, manufacturers can create a hypoallergenic vaccine that even more patients can use.

Cell-based flu shots can be more effective than traditional vaccine

New information released by the CDC also indicates that cell-based flu shots may be more effective than a traditional vaccine, which could mean more patients opt for the cell-based shot.

The CDC found that recent strains of influenza are becoming egg-resistant and are able to reduce the effectiveness of a traditional flu vaccine. Conversely, a cell-based flu shot has unique compounds and uses cellular growth to provide a more resistant vaccine.

Cell-based flu vaccines are just another way for patients to get the care they need this flu season!