What should I know about Rapid COVID Testing?

AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is soon releasing Rapid COVID-19 testing for patients. We will provide updates on our website as soon as we have more information about availability.

The need for COVID-19 testing is greatly expanding as COVID-19 cases now eclipse 5 million as of August 2020. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the surge in cases is attributed to re-openings of local businesses and communities as well as relaxed individual precautions with social distancing and disease prevention.

As the need for safe and accessible testing expands, patients require a faster and more available testing platform. Travelers, workers, and students will need fast testing to ensure they are safe and healthy during the transition to a “new normal.” That is why AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock is soon expanding rapid COVID-19 testing services. Rapid tests will allow our providers to ensure that all patients are getting same-day test results without the need wait multiple days for results.

Below are just a few of the FAQs and basics that we want our patients to know about Rapid Testing before we launch:

Rapid Testing allows our providers to get your COVID test results in one day

Unlike a traditional swab test, a COVID-19 rapid test allows our providers to return COVID-19 test results on the same day as your visit.

A traditional COVID-19 test analyzes the presence of the virus to determine an active infection. However these tests may take upwards of a few days in order to get results. A rapid COVID-19 test allows a patient to get results on the same day as their visit.

Patients just need to call in advance for an appointment for rapid testing (pending final availability at AFC Urgent Care). Test results are provided to you in just a few minutes.

Rapid Testing allows our providers to get your COVID test results in one day at our urgent care center. Patients that are medically qualified and cleared for testing are likely to get testing first.

Rapid testing is available but insurance coverage varies

Rapid testing at a local health system or urgent care center is accessible for all patients, even though some may qualify for expedited testing. The cost of standard testing is covered by most insurance carriers while rapid testing benefits may vary.

Under the C.A.R.E.S Act, basic COVID-19 testing is covered as an essential benefit but that doesn’t currently include rapid tests. Always check with your provider about current benefits and see if they are likely to cover rapid testing. If not, then consult AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock about potential out-of-pocket costs.