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What Should Parents Know about Children’s Urgent Care?

Getting your child the healthcare they need, and deserve, is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Families with children of all ages strive to have healthcare access whenever their child experiences a sudden injury or illness.

That is why children’s urgent care and walk-in clinics provide an excellent option for your child’s immediate health needs.

Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers are a non-ambulatory option for patients of all ages to get immediate medical services. Even though most parents assume they have to take their child to an ER or primary care office, urgent care offers many medical advantages for younger children.

Unless it is a full-blown medical emergency, urgent care provides a variety of important medical services to ensure your child is healthy and happy during their important developmental years.

Pediatric urgent care includes sudden injury treatment

No matter how protective you are of your child they are likely to experience a sudden injury while playing or exploring. The good news is that pediatric urgent care services includes acute injury treatment.

Injuries including cuts, bruises, lacerations, mild broken bones, and sprains are treatable at a nearby urgent care center. A walk-in clinic or urgent care center provides the ability to get treatment ASAP for your child and put their pain/needs at ease.

Full-blown medical emergencies should always be treated at an emergency room. However, for anything else injury-related take your child to an urgent care facility!

Preventive care including physicals and exams are accessible at urgent care

Does your child need a new physical or another diagnostic exam? Maybe a specialized test? Then take them to urgent care!

Urgent care centers are equipped with licensed providers, staff, and technicians to administers preventive and diagnostic exams. A list of some services available for your children includes:

  • Routine physicals – sport and camp physicals needed to enroll in recreational activities
  • Flu shots and immunizations – urgent care centers provide seasonal flu shots and can sometimes order other types of vaccines or immunizations your child needs
  • X-Rays – urgent care centers also provide on-site x-rays so your child can be diagnosed for specific injuries
  • Lab testing and blood work – urgent care staff and technicians can run blood and lab tests to see which specific illnesses may be impacting your child
  • Seasonal Allergy Treatment – seasonal allergies are especially common throughout the year, but urgent care providers can help to treat your child’s allergy symtpoms.

Convenience and comfortable medical care for your child

Urgent care centers provide a convenient and comfortable medical experience for your child. There is no extra stress of urgent care unlike when you are waiting weeks for an appointment and taking time of out the day to visit a traditional provider.

Simply visit an urgent care with your child to get medical care on a first-come, first-serve basis or schedule a same-day appointment by calling directly. Urgent care staff all work together to provide efficient and relaxing medical experiences with on-site amenities like easy check-in, ample parking, refreshments, and similar comforts.

Why wait for your child to get care? Get them high-quality care as soon as they need at an urgent care provider!