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Why does your child need a flu shot this fall?

Each year, the influenza virus peaks and is likely to spread extremely quickly on schools, playgrounds, and other community events your children may participate in. These are just a handful of reasons why your child needs to get an early flu shot ASAP! 

For families with young children, they may be likely ready for a flu shot since patients upwards of six months old are eligible for a flu shot. Additionally, younger patients are at a higher risk than adults for getting the flu each consecutive year. 

So what are some of the other reasons why you and your children may need to get a flu shot ASAP? Why does your child need a flu shot during the fall. 

Schools are the most likely places for influenza to spread at all levels 

Children in elementary and secondary education-level schools are the most likely to experience a case of the flu than other places. Between October and February, the peak of flu season, kids are mostly indoors during the months and likely to spread the flu in close-quarters. 

Any child that doesn’t have their latest flu shot is likely to experience significant risk of getting the flu from another student. The flu easily spreads through coughing and sneezing, but peer-to-peer contact is the fastest way for your child to get the flu. 

Elementary schools with younger children are even more likely to experience flu outbreaks than middle and high schools, since children at those ages are still learning about hygiene and self-care behaviors. 

The flu shot takes time to build immunity for your child 

A flu shot takes approximately 1-2 weeks in order for your child to build up enough immunity to the latest flu strain. Sometimes, parents may delay in getting their child an updated flu shot and wait until the peak of flu season. 

Since flu shots take a bit of time to work your child can still get sick if they get their flu shot during the peak of flu season. Even though the vaccine is working to create immunity for your child a stronger version of the actual flu virus can still infect your child. The best precaution is to try and plan your child’s flu shot at least a week or two before flu season begins. 

Flu shots are by and far the best prevention method in stopping the flu every year 

Each year, a new flu vaccine has to be manufactured in order to fight off the latest influenza strain. This is because the flu virus adapts and changes each year in order to infect as many potential patients as possible. 

Without a flu shot, your child is extremely likely to get a recent case of the flu. Make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Castle Rock if you have any more questions about the flu virus and seasonal flu shots!